Sunday, November 6, 2011

Traveler's Alert: Heavy Rains in Italy, France

Luigi De Magistris, the mayor of Naples, ordered a much-awaited soccer match deferred on Sunday (November 6) for fear that tens of thousands of fans could be trapped by flash flooding, while Italian authorities closely monitor the rain-swollen Po river.

The Series A match between Napoli and Juventus postponed to some later date, partly because the field was already soggy, but mainly because of concern for some 65,000 fans who could be trapped in flooding or cause massive traffic problems as they drove to or from the stadium.

COMMENT: The Naples area has been hit by torrential rain that has already claimed one life. A bridge across a Po tributary, the Pellice stream, outside Turin, collapsed Sunday. Flash flooding in the center of Genoa, on the Liguria sea, killed six people on Friday (November 4).

In neighboring France, eleven regions were on alert Sunday after heavy rains in the touristic Var and Alpes-Maritime regions swelled rivers and left some towns under water, forcing hundreds to evacuate.

In-bound travelers to both Italy and France should check weather reports at their destinations before departing for both countries.

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