Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unemployment, Violent Crime in Puerto Rico Higher Than Any US State

According to a recent AP report, police in Puerto Rico said earlier today (November 16) that three people died overnight in separate incidents, raising the 2011's homicide toll to 995 on the island of 4 million people. That matches a 1994 record with six weeks left to go in the year.

Both the unemployment and homicide rates in Puerto Rico are higher than in any US state. The island's rate of 22.5 killings per 100,000 people is double that of Louisiana, according to a recent federal report. 

Unfortunately, local police make an arrest in only 43% of homicides, compared with a US national average of 66%, according to the report, which also accused the police department of corruption, unlawful killings and civil rights violations.
COMMENT: An October survey of 1,000 people published this week by the newspaper EL NUEVO DIA indicates that Puerto Ricans are more concerned about crime than any other issue and 83% say that they now limit the amount of time spent outside their home. 

Fifteen percent said they have bought a firearm.

Although much of the violent crime in Puerto Rico is linked to drug use and drug trafficking, the reality is that it is mostly innocent citizens that are being injured and killed.