Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update: High Court to Review Evidence in Frenchwoman's Murder on December 12

As a follow-up to my earlier postings on the murder of Frenchwoman Stephanie Foray, 30, forensic and DNA analysis is not yet completed. Hence, the High Court in Kuantan [Malaysia], will review such evidence on December 12.

Foray was murdered in May, allegedly by Asni Omar, 36, in Kampung Tekek, Pulau Tioman, very possibly in conjunction with an attempted rape.

COMMENT: Foray, a civil servant from Bour-en-Bresse, France, arrived in Malaysia on May 5 after touring India and Sri Lanka. She had spent a few nights in Malacca before leaving for Pulau Tioman on May 9.

As the investigation ensued this past summer, Omar was identified as a prime suspect and eventually led police to a cave on the island, where he had buried Foray. If convicted, he will face a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Ms. Foray's family and representatives of the French government will attend the December 12 hearing.

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