Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update: US Asserts That Terror Threat in Nigeria "Specific and Credible"

A US warning over possible attacks on hotels in Nigeria's capital over the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday was based on "specific and credible information," a US diplomat asserted earlier today (November 8).

COMMENT: It should be noted that organizationally the US Department of State provides "specific and credible" threat information to US citizens so that they can exercise caution accordingly.

Even though the Nigerian government has formally dismissed the US threat as being alarmist and unjustified, security organizations in the Nigerian capital of Abuja are reportedly on high alert,. particularly since the August car-bombing attack at the UN headquarters complex which killed 26 and injured 150 0thers.

Some Nigerian media quoted an unnamed senior Nigerian security official as saying that the US threat was "insulting to us a nation." Hopefully, he'll have a spatula handy to remove egg if the US threat warning proves to be validated in the coming weeks, keeping in mind that terrorist attacks don't always occur immediately following a threat warning.

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