Wednesday, November 16, 2011

US Citizen Detained After Attempting to Board Flight to US with a Handgun, Ammo

Police in Buenos Aires detained a US citizen earlier today (November 16) after discovering a handgun, ammunition and pepper spray in his carry-on luggage as he attempted to board a Houston-bound flight from the Argentine capital.

COMMENT: Media reports made no reference to the passenger being a US law enforcement officer, hence his being detained.

As I have suggested numerous times in the past, it is essential that air passengers carefully go through their carry-on luggage before leaving for the airport to ensure that there are no knives, nail clippers, mace or pepper spray or other prohibited items in their carry-on bags that will be subject to thorough screening before being able to board.

It is hoped that something as obvious as a handgun and ammunition in one's carry-on luggage would sound multiple alarm bells in one's head before leaving for the airport to board a flight, but then these are oblivious times.

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