Sunday, November 27, 2011

Young Australian, 18, Electrocuted, Killed in Freak Accident in Bali

Jake Flannery, 18, from the New South Wales' Central Coast, was electrocuted and killed outside Jokers Bar and Grill, at Legian Beach, in the popular tourist area of Kuta, in the early hours of Saturday (November 26).

The teenager had just graduated from Gosford High School last week and was on a school trip with his classmates when the tragedy happened. The accident occurred when Flannery touched a neon sign attached to the cafe and a metal pole, in an area of the street that was under repair and apparently not grounded.

COMMENT: Incidents like this are stark reminders that so many things are different in developing countries, which often pose risks that we don't experience at home.

Mr. Flannery's death reminds me of heavy flooding in Phuket earlier this summer when a young Briton was walking in knee-deep water and entered an area where there were downed live electrical lines causing him to be electrocuted.

Fortunately, in developed countries such areas would have been blocked off from access to the public, yet in many countries such regulations and practices do not exist.

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