Friday, December 30, 2011

Acapulco Cops Who Robbed Canadian Tourist Sacked

Every now and then there is evidence that the Mexican police system has hope of improving. This is one of those cases, particularly given the dramatic rise of violence in Acapulco.

On Wednesday (December 28), a Canadian tourist filed a complaint with police in the city that he had been robbed of 300 pesos (equivalent to 22 dollars Canadian). Not only did the police service investigate the allegation, but the two police officers involved were terminated. Subsequently, the money was returned to the Canadian visitor, who has since returned to Canada.

COMMENT: It should also be noted that tourists in Mexico are not only being urged to file complaints if they have been victimized, but Acapulco Mayor Manuel Alnorve Balnos has indicated that he will not tolerate misconduct on the part of any public employee.

Unfortunately, many foreign travelers never file a complaint when they've been victimized by criminals or cops, but they should, otherwise change will never occur. Plus, without a police report, it is difficult to liquidate an insurance claim.

If travelers encounter resistance or language problems in their effort to file a complaint or obtain a police report, they should promptly contact their embassy or consulate for consular assistance.

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