Tuesday, December 6, 2011

British Writer Killed in Moscow Hotel/Bar Altercation

British travel writer Colin Adams, 70, following an apparent altercation with a bartender at a hotel in Moscow on Sunday (December 4). Adams, author The Mountain Walker's Guide to Wales (1991), reportedly was in Moscow to find inspiration for a new book.

According to Russian police, a barman shoved Adams for reasons unknown, resulting in the author falling and hitting his head. He reportedly died before the arrival of an ambulance. Cosmos Hotel barman Artem Okhotin, 21, has been questioned by police on suspicion of murder. According to witnesses, Adams and Okhotin had an argument at roughly 0100.

COMMENT: Friends said Adams had recently become fascinated with Russia and had visited Moscow several times of late. From all indications, both men were known to be even-tempered. Hence, we may have to wait until more information is available in order to comment further. An autopsy aimed at identifying the cause of death is underway.

The 25-floor Cosmos Hotel Moscow is located in the north-east Moscow in the green district, just 20 minutes drive to the center. It is next to the All-Russia Exhibition Center (V.V.C.), close to Ostankino Telecom Tower, Count Sheremetyev's Palace, the "Olimpijsky" Sports Complex and the "Sokolniki" Exhibition Complex.

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