Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Canadian Tourist, 65, Killed in Maui While Cycling

Allyn Parker, 65, of Port Alberni, BC (British Columbia) lost control of his rented bicycle on Maui on Sunday (December 4) before he was struck and killed by an SUV while descending a mountain on the island. Mr. Parker was riding near the Haleakala National Park shortly after 0900 when he approached a sharp turn in the road and crossed the center line riding into the path of Honda Element.

According to police, Parker lost control and locked up his rear brake and ended up colliding with the SUV. He was promptly taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Sadly, Parker was vacationing on the island with his wife.

COMMENT: It is unknown whether Mr. Parker was an experienced biker or not, yet as I have mentioned in a number of previous postings, I exercise much more caution today when it comes to engaging in outdoor sports activity than I did even ten or fifteen years ago, given how the elasticity and agility of our bodies change over time.

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