Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eight People Killed in Brazil When Truck with Failed Brakes Careens into Procession

Eight people were killed when an out-of-control truck with failed brakes careened into a religious procession in the northeastern Brazilian town of Feira Grande. The accident occurred as the truck was moving downhill towards the town.

After hitting a number of people, the truck crashed into a building and burst into flames on impact. The driver was subsequently trapped inside the cab and burned to death.

COMMENT: In my book, "Staying Safe Abroad: Traveling, Working and Living in a Post-9/11 World," I devote an entire chapter to global road accidents, largely because of accidents like the one described above. By the way, the book is available from either of the two sources below:

If we really knew the condition of vehicles and the driving competence of people, or the lack thereof, we see behind the wheel of vehicles worldwide, it would scare us half to death.

It is for this reason that I generally discourage travelers from renting vehicles while abroad, unless of course, they know the language and country very well.

The above advice particularly applies if we have never driven in a left-hand drive or right-hand drive country, as the situation applies.

Finally, most of you know all too well my opinion of tour buses generally, which is why all of us need to seriously evaluate how we're getting from point A to point B, particularly in developing countries.

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