Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family of Indian Newlyweds Files Lawsuit Following Lake Mead Chopper Crash

Relatives of a newlywed Indian couple who died in a tourist helicopter crash in Las Vegas last week have filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful death. The civil lawsuit names Sundance Helicopters, which was conducting the sightseeing trip in which four tourists and the pilot were killed. A lawyer for the families of Lovish Bhanot, 28, and Anupama Bhola, 26, said they were "heartbroken."

COMMENT: Reportedly, the AS350-B2 helicopter underwent maintenance the day before the crash. A preliminary National Safety Board Board (NTSB) released on Tuesday (December 13) revealed that there unexplained turns and a sudden climb by the helicopter shortly before it crashed in a remote ravine.

The helicopter was built in 1989, and underwent maintenance the day before the crash during which the engine and parts of the rotors were replaced.

Sundance Helicopters said there had been no distress call from the pilot prior to the crash.

The aircraft was touring the Las Vegas Strip and Hoover Dam at sunset at the time.

Delwin and Tamara Chapman, from Utica, KS, who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at the time, also died in the crash.

As our readers are well aware, I have raised concern in recent months about the large number of elective, helicopter tours which have resulted in a number of crashes, several including US and foreign tourists.

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