Friday, December 30, 2011

Foreign Tourists Robbed by Gunmen in Pisco

Early on December 29, four masked gunmen in a station wagon overtook a tour bus of Peruvian, Brazilian and Italian tourists who were destined to the National Reserve of Paracas in Pisco, Ica region, located some 220 kilometers southwest of the capital of Lima. Pisco is often referred to as "the Galapagos Islands for the poor," where vibrant bird and marine life can be seen in their natural habitat.

Once the station wagon converged on the bus, the gunmen brandished their weapons at the tourists and directed the bus driver to an isolated area, where the some sixteen tourists were robbed of their cash, possessions, cameras and valuables.

COMMENT: Hold-ups of buses and cars are a common occurrence in rural Peru, which is one reason why tour operators should consider requesting a police escort in such areas or contracting for competent armed security.

For tourists traveling to such areas, they should carry nothing on their person that cannot be replaced.

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