Saturday, December 17, 2011

Italian Couple Found Murdered in Tandil

Antonio Bravata and his wife, Francesca Crocci An elderly Italian couple, both 60, was found brutally murdered in their home in Tandil, in the Buenos Aires Province. A suspect has been taken into custody that the couple apparently owed money to.

The bodies of the couple were found by a student who was renting a room from the couple in their home. The couple lived an a chalet at 100, 14 de Julio Calle. From all indications, there were no valuables or personal items taken from the home.

COMMENT: Initial findings from the autopsies conducted on the couple indicate that they were murdered on Thursday (December 15). The couple had been living in Tandil since roughly 2009.

Tandil is situated approximately midway between La Plata (the provincial capital), 330 km (210 mi) to its NE, and Bahía Blanca, lying the same distance to its SW; it is also 160 kilometers (99 mi) NW of Mar del Plata, and 360 kilometers (220 mi) SSW of Buenos Aires. The population of the city is estimated at 115,000 people.

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