Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Japanese Tourist, 34, Robbed in Saipan

A female Japanese tourist, 34, was robbed by an unidentified assailant who suddenly pulled up next to her in a vehicle at approximately 0645 hours on Tuesday (December 27) as she was walking along Chalan Pale Arnold Road near Palms Resort Saipan in San Roque. Although the assailant did not harm the victim, his sudden action caused her to fall down.

COMMENT: Now, here's the interesting part: The victim was carrying a Gucci purse which contained $500 in cash and a dive watch. One would hope that travelers and tourists would not be so flashy as to carry a high-end purse, or potentially a "knock-off" that resembles a Gucci purse. The same effect would occur if one were wearing a Rolex watch or a counterfeit Rolex. And, why carry so much cash, when ATMs are readily available?

Last November 16, a female Japanese tourist was dragged several meters by a car when she chased a robber who had grabbed her bag along Beach Road in Garapan, also in Saipan. The victim in that case sustained bruises and scratches on her left arm, fingers, and right knee. After a week, police arrested the suspect, Gustavo Meme Ybanez Jr. A few days later, police also arrested Ybanez's cousin, Oscar Porras, Jr., the alleged driver of the getaway vehicle.

Last June 24, a 70-year-old Korean businessman sustained serious injuries when an unidentified man attacked him with a hammer and robbed him in western Garapan.

And, on October 11, an unidentified suspect armed with a screwdriver robbed a Russian female tourist and took off in her rented car at Suicide Cliff in Marpi. The tourist lost her bag containing over $100 cash, a digital camera, hotel keys, some documents, and other items. The victim had bruises on her elbows after she fell to the ground during the struggle. No one has been arrested yet.

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