Friday, December 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian on Visa Watch List for Failing to Obtain Business Visa

According to the Herald Sun, manufactured celebrity Kim Kardashian has gotten herself cross-ways with Australian immigration law Australia by passing herself off as a tourist over the last four years, even though she was actually engaged in business promotion. Just one example of her violations include her promoting a line of handbags while she was in Australia on a tourist visa.

COMMENT: All international travelers should realize that deportation, fines and even imprisonment can be the result if visitors enter a foreign country on a tourist visa when in effect they are engaging in business activity, particularly in cases where contracts are signed and compensation is received. This is essential as invariably such activity is linked with foreign tax laws, which can also result in severe penalties, including tax evasion.

To check on whether a business is required, travelers should go the website of the ministry of foreign affairs in the country to which they are traveling to. In the case of US citizens, go to

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