Friday, December 9, 2011

Professor at Hidalgo Polytech Sustains Burns from Package Bomb

According to EFE, A professor at Hidalgo Polytechnic University sustained minor burns yesterday (December 7), when a parcel sent to the university at its campus in Zempoala was opened by the professor at roughly 1700.

Although the professor did not recognize the return address [a major clue to any suspicious package, and one which should have prompted x-raying the package], the package was nevertheless opened, resulting in minor burns.

COMMENT: As a result of the incident, senior officials of the university gathered yesterday to review security procedures. If a suspicious package reached the hands of the addressee without the contents being electronically examined and identified, it is possible that the university's security protocols are flawed. Left unchecked, a similar event could easily occur in the future.

Two scientists were wounded in August, when a parcel-bomb sent by an anti-technology group calling itself Individuals Tending to Savagery (ITS), detonated at a Monterrey Institute of Technology campus in the central state of Mexico, injuring two professors who received the package from a local courier service.

Again, if courier deliveries are made directly to addressees in any organization, this is a risk that is not being managed properly, particularly given the times we now live in. Monterrey Tech is one of the largest universities in Latin America.

ITS embraces the ideology of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, and oppose the development of neo and nanotechnologies at a global scale; the group believes nanotechnology is a system of domination, and that experiments in nanotechnology are being used to cause earthquakes and other natural disasters. ITS also has branches in France, Spain and Chile.

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