Saturday, December 31, 2011

Refueling Retaliation May Have Impact on Airworthiness of Iranian Airlines

Iran is refusing to refuel some European and Arab airlines at its international airport in Tehran in retaliation against major oil companies that are reportedly denying aviation fuel to Iranian commercial aircraft abroad. AFP could not immediately determine which carriers are affected.

In October, Iran's foreign ministry warned it would "confront" Western companies for refusing to refuel its planes in Europe, which it called a violation of international law.

COMMENT: Some airports in the Gulf and southwestern Asia are apparently refusing to refuel Iranian airliners, including its flag carrier, Iran Air, as well as leading non-governmental airline, Mahan Air. Iran Air has been under US sanctions since 1995, that have prevented any sale of Boeing or Airbus aircraft or spare parts. As a result, the airline has become one of the most poorly maintained airlines in the world.

Mahan Air was put on the US sanctions list in October 2011, for allegedly transporting members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, some senior officers of which are on a US travel blacklist.

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