Sunday, December 25, 2011

Retired US Marine Stabbed to Death by Burglars in Manila

Retired US Marine James Thomas Kakara, 61, was beaten to death with a metal pipe by burglars in his Manila home on Christmas Eve (December 24).

Police on Monday (December 26) said that Kakara was alone in his home
in the resort town of Tagaytay at the time of the attack, as his Filipino wife and her daughter had left to spend Christmas Eve with her family nearby. They found his body the following morning.

COMMENT: After killing Kakara, the burglars stole roughly US$6,000, a cellphone and a laptop computer. The victim had lived in the Philippines for roughly four years and was working as a consultant for a US security company.

For the benefit of our readers, and particularly given the high crime rate in Manila, it is essential that expats rely on a high degree of physical and electronic security in their homes and have a secured safe-room to which they can seek refuge in the event of a break-in by burglars that are prepared to hurt or kill residents.

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