Monday, December 26, 2011

Tourists Killed, Injured Enroute to Mumbai Airport, Excessive Speed Blamed

According to local police, six people, including four tourists, were killed and 13 others suffered injuries when a mini-bus driver exceeding the speed limit drove 17 tourists looking forward to a excursion of trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to Mumbai Airport tore through the divider of the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and rammed into a loaded truck coming from opposite direction near Lonavla on Saturday night (December 24).

The mini-bus was scheduled to leave for Mumbai at 2130, but was delayed in departing for some two hours, which could have been attributed to the driver's excessive speed.

COMMENT: Following the accident, Mumbai-based travel agency, Girikand Travels, has denied the charges of speeding and maintained that the driver was experienced and there was no reason to suspect his skills. Nevertheless, police investigators are continuing to interview survivors and witnesses.

Sadly, as I have said all too many times, bus accidents occur with far too much regularity worldwide, which is why I often suggest taxis rather than tour buses. Logic would suggest that if the bus was scheduled to leave for the airport at 2130, and it did not, many travelers would decide alternatively to take a local or hotel taxi.

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