Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UAE: Dubai Police Officer Sentenced to Life in Prison for Rape of Japanese Tourist

The 24-year-old Japanese woman who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, raped and threatened with death by an active duty Dubai police officer was recently sentenced to life in prison, although the chief prosecutor has asked the court to implement the death penalty if the officer was convicted.

The incident occurred in March 2011, in Hatta, although the officer was not arrested until August.

COMMENT: The Dubai police service is to be commended for its objectivity in the handling of this case. The victim, an artist, drew a sketch of her assailant, that resulted in identification of the officer. He was then ordered to submit to DNA analysis which confirmed that he was her assailant.

The perpetrator offered the victim a ride in his SUV to show her local tourist attractions. Instead, he drove her into the desert where he threatened her with death and slapped her if she refused his advances. After being raped, the woman wisely reported the matter to the Japanese Consulate.

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