Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update: Attack in Belgium Now Reaches 4 Dead

As a follow-up to my earlier postings on the grenade and small arms attack just after noon today in Liège, Belgium's third largest city, it has been clarified that there was only one assailant in the attack, which took the lives of three people. After the attack culminated, the assailant was observed shooting himself.

The assailant, Nordine Amrani, 33, died after initiating the attack in Place Saint Lambert, near the city's bus station, court and Christmas market. Two teenage boys aged 15 and 17 were killed on the spot, while a 75-year-old woman died of her injuries later. A two-year-old child was reported to be in a critical condition in a local hospital, and at least 75 people were injured.

COMMENT: Amrani was not known to have any mental health problems and had no links to terrorism or terrorist groups. What is known is that the assailant was scheduled to present himself for police questioning today, questioning that obviously will not occur.

According to one witness, Amrani initially threw four hand grenades and then shifted to firing an assault rifle until it was empty, at which point he committed suicide.

An update on this attack will be posted as information becomes available.

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