Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Update: More Arrests in Murder of Briton, Injury of his Russian Companion

As a follow-up to my December 26 posting, the Karapitiya Hospital in Sri Lanka reports that Victoria Alexandrovna, 23, the Russian companion of British national Khuram Shaikh Zaman, 32 (who was killed when the two were physically attacked by a local politician and others) has been transferred to a private hospital in Colombo at the request of her family.

The Sri Lanka Tourist Board has assisted Alexandrovna, who underwent a minor surgery at Karapitiya Hospital in Galle. Her condition has been downgraded to stable.

COMMENT: President Mahinda Rajapaksa has ordered an investigation into the killing of Zaman and Alexandrovnathe by a gang of thugs led by the chairman of the local government Pradeshiya Sabha of Tangalle. Additionally, Sampath Chandra Pushpa Vidanapathirana, 24, the chairman of Tangalle village council, and three others have been arrested. According to local police, the suspects were heavily intoxicated and converged on the victims at which point an argument ensued.

Alexandrovna was injured while trying to save her companion from the attack.

As in this case, there are times when a physical confrontation is provoked by others. When this occurs, it is wise to simply leave the scene of the altercation, rather than having it escalate further. From all indications, the assailants began bothering Zaman and Alexandrovna, at which point it might have been best for them to simply have left, if they could, and asked the resort's management to contact local police.

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