Friday, December 9, 2011

Update: Retired FBI Agent Confirmed to be Held by Iran

Although details are still sketchy, it appears that retired FBI agent Bob Levinson, 63, who seemed to have simply disappeared several years ago [2007], while on a consulting assignment in Iran, has been confirmed by Levinson's family to be alive, albeit ill, according to a grainy video sent to the family.

Please see my August 20 posting, "Two Imprisoned Americans Now Face Eight More Years Each."

COMMENT: As my last posting on Levinson's disappearance reflects, "As a matter of interest, retired FBI agent and security consultant, Bob Levinson, 63, who disappeared while inside Iran four years ago, is "being held somewhere in southwest Asia," according to a statement made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in August. Please see Levinson reportedly disappeared from the Iranian island of Kish in 2007.

Unfortunately, Levinson's being held by Iran and the recent capture by the Iranian's of an intact drone spy aircraft, not to mention Iran's growing nuclear capability, renders Iran as a front-and-center foreign policy issue.

Regrettably, though, President Barack Obama has decided against a hostile recovery of the drone for fear that it would result in a military provocation by Iran. Sadly, under President Obama, the US has "blinked" as a result of a threat from an inferior power.

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