As a follow-up to my previous postings on the severe beating sustained by Canadian citizen Shelia Nabb, 37, in Mazatlan last week, the state attorney general's office in Sinaloa announced earlier today (January 27) that it has taken into custody a suspect by the name of Jose Ramon Acosta, from Mazatlan.

COMMENT: Acosta, who speaks perfect English, had a reputation for befriending foreigners in Mazatlan and according to media reports, is the same person depicted in hotel surveillance video footage kicking something, although the image he apparently was kicking could not be viewed in the image.

As noted in a posting earlier today, Nabb and her sister suddenly left Mazatlan last night in an air ambulance (January 26) and arrived in Calgary today.

Unless the medical care Nabb was receiving in Mazatlan was medically questionable, taking her back to Canada does little in terms of the continuity of the criminal investigation, considering that the crime occurred in Mazatlan.

Even though Nabb's jaw is wired shut, her timely identification of the suspect from a series of photos would be vital to charging the offender in this case.