Tuesday, January 17, 2012

23 Killed, 67 Injured in Port-au-Prince Traffic Accident

At approximately midnight yesterday (January 16), 23 people were killed and 67 others injured when the brakes failed on a truck traveling on one of the capital's busiest thoroughfares. The resulting carnage occurred when the truck struck a small bus and then careened onto a sidewalk.

COMMENT: Accidents are relatively common throughout Haiti, largely because so many vehicles are poorly maintained and because of the country's desperate economic situation.

Yet, our readers are reminded that one of the major threats business travelers and tourists face worldwide is serious automobile accidents, particularly in developing countries, where road maintenance, vehicular maintenance, poor enforcement of traffic regulations and driver discipline and skills are often deficient.

Given the above reality, it is essential that travelers ensure they have subscribed to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage in the event they are injured in an accident. For those of our readers who need a list of underwriters, please contact me at:


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