Thursday, January 26, 2012

Analysis: What Happened to Shelia Nabb?

What is known is that Canadian citizen Shelia Nabb, 37, was found severely beaten last week in an elevator of the five-star, all-inclusive Hotel Riu Emerald Bay resort in Mazatlan [Mexico].

Information has also been released that a large number of bones in Nabb's face were fractured and that a CT scan revealed some cranial bruising. At the moment, her teeth are wired shut, although she is conscious and responsive.

It is also well-known that five-star hotels depend heavily on overt and covert internal security tools such as door alarms, extensive closed-circuit television coverage and security patrols. It is also a best-practice for all-inclusive properties to maintain vigilance over the comings and goings of people entering the premises.

From all indications, the severe beating that Shelia Nabb sustained did not stem from a motive of robbery.

It is also normal for international and local media to release information received from those in the know (i.e., in this case, the Canadian and Mexican governments). Yet, other than Nabb's medical condition, few facts have been released.

Nabb's husband, Andrew, was initially questioned by police and then released; family members have also ruled him out as a suspect. Yet, marital discourse should never be ruled out, in the face of no motive or other suspects.

Andrew Nabb has told police that the day of the attack, he only remembers waking up and seeing the guest room door ajar that he and his wife had shared. Beyond that, no details have been released. Strange. Seemingly, one would hope that police have determined forensically whether Nabb was sexually assaulted or raped during her encounter with her assailant.

COMMENT: It is indeed rare for a foreign national to be so severely beaten in a five-star all-inclusive and have no leads or explanation released to the media.

One can only hope that Mexican police obtained a sworn written statement from Andrew Nabb explaining not only what he recalls from the morning of the attack, but also his explanation as to why his wife may have been so viciously attacked.

Another possible option would be to have Andrew Nabb undergo a polygraph examination administered by a Canadian examiner, providing that he is willing to do so.

Also, if it has not already been done so, it would be appropriate, in the face of so few leads or a viable motive (or at least those that have NOT been released to the public), for Canadian law enforcement to travel to Mexico to assist the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City and its consular agency in Mazatlan.

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