Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Assailant with Machete Attacks US Stand-up Paddle Boarders in Costa Rica

As much as I love Costa Rica and all that it has to offer residents and travelers, I'm afraid that the continued violence that I've been reporting on in recent months is creeping its way to becoming much more the norm than the exception.

COMMENT: For a full flavor of what I'm referring to, I would suggest that our new readers go to the list of postings and type in "Costa Rica" on the search bar for an overview of what has been happening. Violent crimes are now a regular event, as well as a rising number of homicides against expats.

In recent days I covered the stabbing and robbery of a German tourist in downtown San Jose; there have also been a rising number of foreigners who have disappeared in the country with little results from local police.

Sadly, it is apparent that the senior levels of the Costa Rican government are not demanding better protection for tourists and travelers before the crimes occur. Even when they do occur, the police clearance rate, in terms of arrests and convictions, are elusive.

Fortunately, THE TICO TIMES vigorously reports on attacks and expats and tourists. Hence, I have included a link in today's TIMES recapping an attack on US expats and tourists by a man wielding a machete. Fortunately, the attack did not result in serious injury or loss of life, although the tourists, including children, were terrified by the event:

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