Tuesday, January 17, 2012

British Tourist, 67, Dies on Pattaya Beach

At approximately 0530 hours on Sunday (January 15), a British national, 67, was found dead on the beach in Pattaya [Thailand], in front of the Siam Bay Shore Hotel.

COMMENT: At this point, it is unknown as to the cause of death, pending an autopsy, which has been ordered by local authorities. The British Embassy has been notified and is assisting.

Although Thailand has many wonderful attractions for tourists of all nationalities, and in fact is one of the world's top destinations, it is a country where excess in many forms can be achieved far too easily.

Unfortunately, Pattaya has developed a reputation as a center for heavy drinking, opportunists, counterfeit products and sexual opportunities limited only by one's imagination.

As with all things, anyone over the age of 40 traveling abroad should have a thorough physical examination by their medical provider before departure and pursue moderation in all of its forms.

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