Monday, January 23, 2012

Canadian Woman Severely Beaten in 5-Star Hotel in Mazatlan

Although details are sketchy as this posting is filed, a Canadian woman, reportedly in her mid-20s, was found severely beaten in the elevator of the five-star Hotel Riu in Mazatlan on Saturday (January 21). It is believed that the woman was attacked at approximately 0200 hours.

Investigators found blood in a hallway of the hotel and believe the woman was allegedly assaulted in a hotel room before being dragged to the elevator. Canadian officials in Mexico are aware of the beating and are providing assistance to the woman and her family.

COMMENT: The weekend beating occurred after three Canadians were killed in Mexico earlier this month.

Police in the city of Culiacan found 35-year-old Salid Abdulacis Sabas, a Canadian citizen of Iraqi descent, shot to death multiple times by a .45 cal. firearm dead on the street. He was found with nearly US$20,000 in pesos on his person, ruling out robbery as a motive.

Ximena Osegueda, a 39-year-old University of British Columbia student, was found stabbed to death on a beach near Huatulco on January 4.

Finally, Robin Wood, 57, of British Columbia, was fatally shot when he resisted an armed robbery in his home in Melaque on January 2.

The above incidents, including the Hotel Riu attack, will be updated as information becomes available.

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