Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christian Science Monitor: A "Must Read" Article on Kidnapped US Aid Worker

I strongly urge our readers who follow events in Pakistan to review Christian Science Monitor journalist Tom Hussain's excellent piece, "Kidnapped US aid contractor reportedly held by militants in Pakistan," which indicates that Warren Weinstein, 70, who was kidnapped from his home in Lahore in August 2011, is being held by al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

COMMENT: Unfortunately, even though al-Qaeda reportedly acknowledged in December 2011 that it holds Weinstein, the group has yet to publicly demonstrate that the American is alive and well. Nevertheless, it is possible that the group has proved to the US or Pakistani governments that it holds Weinstein. In the meantime, kidnappings of foreigners is on the rise in Pakistan and is likely to continue, given the deteriorating relationship between Washington and Islamabad.

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