Friday, January 20, 2012

Continuity IRA Extremist Setenced to Life in Prison for Assassination of British Soldiers

A Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA) extremist, Brian Shivers, 46, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison earlier today (January 20) Friday for the March 7, 2009 assassinations of two unarmed British soldiers, as they picked up pizzas outside of the British Army base at Massereene, near Antrim.

A total of 60 rounds were fired at the two soldiers, but some of the rounds also injured two pizza deliverymen and two others in the malicious attack.

The two soldiers killed in the attack included Patrick Azimkar, 21, and Mark Quinsey, 23, both of whom were shot at close range. Their engineering unit was hours away from deployment to Afghanistan.

COMMENT: Unfortunately, a senior CIRA extremist, Colin Duffy, 44, was acquitted because of inconclusive DNA evidence. Normally, CIRA operatives are trained to wear gloves during an attack and destroy all evidence in their getaway car, but in this case the vehicle did not burn out completely, leaving some evidence for police.

CIRA emerged in 1994, when the Provisional IRA honored a cease-fire with the British government. There are pockets of CIRA members that will never give up their struggle against the UK, yet it can be said that the various off-shoots of the IRA are now dormant.

On March 10, 2009, CIRA claimed responsibility for the fatal shooting of a police officer in Craigavon, County Armagh—the first police fatality in Northern Ireland since 1998. The officer was fatally shot by a sniper as he and a colleague investigated "suspicious activity" at a house nearby when a window was smashed by youths causing the occupant to phone the police. Officers responded to the emergency call, giving a CIRA sniper the opportunity to shoot and kill Officer Stephen Carroll.

It should be noted that the attack on the Azimkar and Quinsey occurred only three days BEFORE Officer Carroll was assassinated.

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