Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Costa Rica: 200+ Glock 9mm Pistols Stolen from Police Warehouse

Combating Costa Rica's crime crisis is a formidable enough task as it is, yet the Public Works and Transportation Ministry reported yesterday (January 30) that 215 Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistols had been stolen from the the Traffic Police headquarters in San Jose at roughly 0100 hours.

The replacement cost of the pistols is estimated at US$75,000, but given Costa Rica's rising crime rate, thieves might be able to demand three times that value, notwithstanding the impact the theft could have on loss of life for victims.

COMMENT: Interestingly, though, whomever the criminals were, they left 165 other pistols in the warehouse they had broken into, plus police uniforms, ballistic-resistant vests and other equipment.

According to the Ministry a local security firm had been contracted with to ensure the security of equipment in the warehouse. Hence, it is suspected that a new procurement solicitation will be in the offing.

It also appears that the "burglary" might have been an inside job traceable to the security firm. One can only hope the Ministry had a penalty and reimbursement clause for theft.

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