Monday, January 23, 2012

Crime Victims Robbed in Australia

A local couple posing as Good Samaritans led a female tourist to an isolated area and mugged and robbed her at knife-point on the Sunshine Coast at approximately 1700 hours on Sunday (January 22). The couple noticed the woman looking at a map and offered to help her. The victim was robbed of cash and other valuables.

Elsewhere on Sunday, a local teenager, 19, was mugged in Brisbane at approximately 2200 hours, when two other teenagers, 14-15, brandished a pair of scissors at him. Subsequently, he was robbed of his belongings and slightly injured.

COMMENT: Almost invariably, criminals target their victims well before a confrontation occurs, which is why I consistently urge all of us to instinctively and deliberately observe those around us at all times. It may seem difficult and time consuming, but it isn't really, once you practice a few times.

For example, if you see someone intently observing you with malicious eyes, dodge into a building where there people and safety in numbers. Worst-case, run in an opposition direction. If they run after you, you have confirmed their intent. If they don't, you've had your exercise for the day. the key is wear comfortable shoes and run faster than your adversary.

As for Good Samaritans, it is best NOT to look confused or lost while on the street if you're a visitor. Go over a map while having coffee someplace or seek directions from police, fire stations, hospitals or other reputable establishments.

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