Tuesday, January 17, 2012

German Citizen Stabbed, Robbed in San Jose

San Jose [Costa Rica] police are looking for five suspects who reportedly assailed a German citizen who was walking back to his hotel from a local bar at approximately 0220 hours.

In the vicinity of Morazán Park, who converged on the victim stabbed him in the chest and escaped from the scene with approximately US$500.

COMMENT: Fortunately, the victim was taken to San Juan de Dios Hospital where he is fortunately in stable condition.

Sadly, I regularly offer suggestions on how NOT to be victimized, as was the German tourist in this case, but at the risk of being repetitive, let me offer some thoughts:

1. If you're out late at night, particularly alone, don't walk back to your hotel: Take a taxi. Always carry the business card of your hotel so you can show it drivers.

2. Don't carry a lot of cash. ATMs are readily available throughout San Jose, if you run short of local currency.

3. Before you go out at night, ask the hotel concierge for the business card of a reputable taxi service so you can call for a driver when a ride is needed.

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