Monday, January 16, 2012

Argentina: Retired British Physicist Brutally Murdered, Robbed in Monte Quemado

Argentine police have just released forensic analysis that Donald Brooks, 74, a retired British physicist and mathematician, who was living in the northern Argentina town of Monte Quemado, was murdered and robbed in his home several months ago.

COMMENT: The homicide only came to light when the British Embassy asked police to investigate when Brooks failed to collect his annuity checks. Subsequently, Brooks’ skull was found in a pasture by local workmen; later his remains were discovered at his home.

Realizing that foreign nationals live all over the world, often seeking serene and beautiful places to retire to, it is essential that they take proactive steps to adequately secure their homes from criminals, keeping in mind that their relative wealth and possessions may be tempting to those inclined toward violence.