Thursday, January 19, 2012

Robberies of Tourists in Orlando Suggest Caution

As most of our readers know, Orlando, Florida, is a huge magnet for domestic and foreign tourists alike. Yet, like any city worldwide, it takes only a few criminals to raise alarm bells and make visitors edgy. Such was the case yesterday (January 18) when tourists were robbed at gunpoint in two separate incidents near International Drive. Fortunately, none of the victims were injured.

In the first case, two men and two women were detained in one of the robberies, which occurred between the Sheraton hotel and the Congo River golf attraction on I-Drive. Police said they believe the foursome is responsible for several other recent robberies in the tourist districts of Orlando. Fortunately, one of the crime victims provided a description of the getaway vehicle, which matched the description in four other recent robberies. Orlando police subsequently found the vehicle, which contained a handgun and stolen property.

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