Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update: As Rescue/Recovery Ends on Costa Concordia, 11 Are Dead, 21 Missing

As this posting is filed, and with rescue and recovery operations suspended due to some shifting of currents that could cause the Costa Concordia to shift toward sea and into deeper water, Italian authorities made an announcement today (January 18) that indicated that the number of confirmed dead has now reached 11, while the missing totals 21.

COMMENT: Given the 11 people who died and 21 others who remain missing, one can only hope that the criminal and civil justice systems in Italy treat Captain Coward no better than those who entrusted their lives to him.

Additionally, his employer should terminate him when appropriate, the Italian Coast Guard should permanently revoke his maritime license and he should face whatever legal penalties and imprisonment are appropriate for a captain who deserted his crew and passengers. He should never serve on a ship's bridge again, in any capacity.

On a positive note, subordinate officers and members of the crew that did their duty on their own when their captain selfishly abandoned ship, and evacuated the ship, are to be congratulated.

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