Friday, January 20, 2012

Update: Canadian Governmental Pressure Results in Arrests of Suspects in Murder of Robin Wood

As a follow-up to my earlier postings on the homicide of Canadian citizen Robin Wood, 67, in Melaque on January 3, pressure from the Canadian government reportedly produced results with the arrest of two suspects in the case.

Wood traveled to Melaque several times to visit a vacation home owned by his friend, Arvid Chalmers. He was shot in the chest after returning home from a night out, finding two armed assailants inside. Unfortunately, Wood resisted the criminals' demands and paid with his life.

COMMENT: Melaque is a quiet town with numerous Canadian residents and visitors. According to local media reports, Woods' death caused significant concern among both foreigners and locals who depend on tourism for their income.

As I have for years and years, I strongly recommend that crime victims NOT resist the efforts of criminals who demand money or valuables. No property is worth your life. Hence, give criminals what they want and live to learn from the experience. Sadly, many crime victims express rage when confronted with criminals, which usually puts into motion events that are irreversible.

In addition to not resisting economic crime, particularly in Mexico, where burglaries and home invasions are commonplace, expats, tourists and residents alike need to carefully evaluate the physical security vulnerabilities that exist where they live and reduce those vulnerabilities through the installation of grill-work on windows, formidable exterior door security, installation of a central station alarm and the establishment of a safe-haven, in the event intruders successfully break in.

Contained in the safe-haven should be voice communications and a firearm, in the event all else fails.

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