Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update: Motorcycle/Motorbike Fatalities Amongst Foreigners Mount in Phuket

When it comes to motorcycle and motorbike fatalities amongst foreign tourists in Phuket, I wish I had been wrong in my prediction that the human carnage would continue unless the Thai government implements the many regulatory recommendations I've been making for months, but sadly, I've been right. The Thai government has taken NO action.

Tragically, I urge our regular and new readers to review my many postings on the out-of-control death toll from two-wheeled motorized vehicle accidents on this resort island and review the below piece carried by

In the absence of the Thai government fulfilling its role and keeping tourists safe in Phuket, my only suggestion is that our readers and those they know NOT rent motorcycles or motorbikes in Phuket unless they are experienced riders and have a valid current two-wheeled motorized vehicle permit from another country AND if they wear a helmet.

Yet, even having experience is not enough on Phuket, largely because the roads on the island are so poorly maintained.

The worst part of this story is that many riders are out during hours of darkness and a large percentage are impaired by alcohol. If you must ride, don't drink.

The Phuketwan article is indeed chilling and should provoke alarm in the mind of every reader.

Unfortunately, the number of tourists who have visited Phuket and died there in a motorbike or motorcycle accident will never be returning.

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