Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update: Robbery in Sharm el-Sheikh Kills Frenchman, Wounds German National

It appears that Egyptian officials in Sharm el-Sheikh have determined exactly what occurred earlier today (January 28) and now report that a French tourist was shot and killed and a German national wounded in an attack by a group of gunmen on a currency exchange office in the popular Egyptian resort.

The attack took place on Saturday in the Old Town of the Red Sea resort. The gunmen opened fire as they robbed the exchange office, located in the market area, stealing some 200,000 Egyptian pounds (US$33,000).

COMMENT: Fortunately, the assailants have been taken into custody; this is first such attack in Sharm el-Sheikh in recent history.

On Friday (January 27), a similar attack on a bank by a group of Bedouins was reported in the town of al-Tur, some 60 miles from Sharm el-Sheikh, yet police were successful in preventing the robbery and killing one of the gunmen. There are also indicators that the two robberies are linked.

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