Friday, January 27, 2012

Update: Shelia Nabb Investigation has Ruled Out Husband, New Suspect Emerges

As a follow-up to my several postings on the severe physical attack sustained last week by Canadian citizen Shelia Nabb, 37, at the Hotel Riu Emerald Bay in Mazatlan, police reportedly have now ruled out Ms. Nabb's husband, Andrew, as a possible suspect, and are examining a new suspect that has been identified in surveillance camera footage.

Authorities have not yet questioned Nabb about the attack on the advice of her medical team, who have said that the Calgary woman should be allowed more time to recover.

COMMENT: Nabb, whose jaw is wired shut, was due to undergo extensive facial reconstructive surgery this week, but the operation was delayed after she contracted pneumonia. It is unlikely that Nabb will be well enough to return to Canada for at least several more weeks.

In Mazatlan, some cruise-ships, including vessels owned by Disney Cruise Line, Holland America and Princess Cruises, have canceled port-of-call visits, due to concerns about crime against passengers.

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