Friday, January 27, 2012

Update: Shelia Nabb Returns to Calgary

According to The Huffington Post Canada, Sheila Nabb, 37, the Calgary woman who suffered serious facial injuries during a beating she sustained in a five-star hotel in Mazatlan last week, returned to Calgary last night (January 26). Nabb’s uncle, Robert Prosser, told media outlets that his niece returned to Calgary with her sister.

COMMENT: It was just yesterday that Nabb's medical team in Mazatlan said that she was too weak to return to Canada, having contracted pneumonia.

One can only describe the manner in which the Nabb case has been handled as out of character compared to similar attacks against foreigners in Mexico. One can only hope that Nabb was medically evacuated and is doing well.

Unfortunately, with Nabb having left Mexico so precipitously, the continuity of the investigation into the identity of Nabb's assailant could potentially be in jeopardy.

Admittedly, sentiments on the effectiveness of Mexican law enforcement vary widely, yet it seems strange that Nabb returned to Canada somewhat covertly, if in fact, she has returned to Canada.

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