Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update: Suspect in Brutal Assault on Canadian Tourist Confesses

As a follow-up to earlier postings, Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero, who was arrested Friday (January 27) in connection with the severe beating inflicted on Canadian citizen Shelia Nabb, 37, in a hotel elevator in Mazatlan, has admitted his complicity in the attack.

According to the suspect, he and a friend had decided to go to the Hotel Riu Emerald Bay because it was open 24 hours a day. That being said, he and his friend entered the hotel separately.

In the process of getting to the bar, Acosta ended up in the same elevator as Shelia Nabb. Subsequently, the two got into an argument when Acosta would not let Nabb leave the elevator, presumably because of a romantic interest in her. When she started to scream, Acosta began to beat her severely until she was unconscious.

COMMENT: As is well known now, Acosta was arrested the same day that Nabb and her sister left Mazatlan in an air ambulance for Calgary.

Since 2005, 194 Canadians have been assaulted in Mexico and 24 have been murdered, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

When initially interviewed by Mexican police, Ms. Nabb's husband, Andrew, recalled that at some point during the evening of the attack, he had awoken to find his wife gone and their guest room door ajar.

Although it is wonderful news that Nabb's assailant has been arrested and will be charged, one would hope that between Canadian and Mexican authorities it can be determined why Shelia Nabb left the guest room door ajar without telling her husband, which could have exposed him to personal risk.

It is possible that if Ms. Nabb had told her husband that she was going out, he could have accompanied her, particularly given the late hour, and potentially avoided what proved to be a terrifying and life-threatening experience.

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