Monday, January 16, 2012

Young Women Need to be Cautioned on Nude-Photo Extortion Scam

The below link contains an excellent report by the Sydney Morning Herald, depicting a scam that parents worldwide and young women in particular, need to be aware of.

Specifically, two Australian women, 18 and 31, were victimized in an online extortion threat after sending nude photographs of themselves to a man pretending to be a female modeling agent. "She" told them she could get them a modeling contract if they forwarded nude photographs of themselves and gave their personal information.

Once the women complied, "the modeling agent" admitted he was actually a man, and then threatened to post the nude photographs on the internet unless they had sex with him.

COMMENT: Western Australia (WA) Sex Assault Squad officers are investigating the source of the emails, and have confirmed that the emails originated from abroad. Consequently, police have issued a warning to women to beware of providing their personal information online, particularly to people they don't know.

This scam has also been used in the US and Europe, although in a number of cases money has been demanded in lieu of sex extortion.

Further safety tips and information can be obtained through The Australian Communication and Media Authority at and the Australian Federal Police site

SMH's article can be found at: 20120116-1q2tm

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