Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Analysis: Decriminalization of Illegal Drugs a Bad Idea

As most of us worry about our families in these austere times, how ineffective our governments have become, how dysfunction are legislators continue to be and how we can ever financially recover from the global recession, etc., farthest from our minds is the decriminalization of illegal drugs.

Yet, as a very brief diversion, I would like to call your attention to the below link to a Honduras Weekly piece, describing the opening of a debate among Central American presidents to consciously discuss the decriminalization of illegal drugs.

COMMENT: Although admittedly the majority of illegal drugs grown, processed and shipped to the US and Europe from Latin America transit Central America, particularly Honduras, these destinations seem unwilling or incapable of "winning" the drug war, largely because of flawed policies.

That being said, decriminalizing illegal drugs anywhere is a very, very, very bad idea.

Forget the notion that most governments at any level regulate anything effectively, the reality is that we just have to carefully examine the human carnage caused by the legal purchase of alcohol and the unchecked distribution of benzodiazepines by a poorly regulated drug industry alone to see the downsides.

Additionally, contemporary studies already show that illegal drug use by several age groups is on the rise, so why would we want to intentionally have a large percentage of our populations regularly if not permanently IMPAIRED, either by alcohol, abused legal drugs or illegal drugs?

Please think of this posting the next time you see an automobile accident.

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