Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colombia: Innovative Fire Chief Fired for Renting Station to Porm Film Crew

We have all seen fire departments worldwide come up with innovative fund-raising ideas to supply firefighters with equipment, but an enterprising fire chief, now ex-fire chief, in Puerto Colombia, took community outreach to a whole new level when he rented out his station to a porn film crew for a mere hour.

Although the incident occurred in May 2011, the Colombian media recently broke the story. Although it was the former fire chief's intent for the crew to just shoot abstract footage of the station's exterior,
the film reportedly depicts a young woman arriving at the station for a tour of the facility, which eventually leads to a sexual encounter with an actor dressed as a firefighter.

COMMENT: Unfortunately, for the former chief, the film crew shot closeups of the department's logo, phone number and even the crest of the Interior of the Atlantic, which led to widespread news coverage nationwide.

Puerto Colombia is a town and municipality in the Atlántico Department, ofColombia, famous for its "Pier of Puerto Colombia."

The lesson-learned for the former chief is to always be on-station when the media arrives.

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