Sunday, February 26, 2012

Criminals Relieve Japanese Rugby Team of Everything It Had in Auckland

Japan's touch rugby team, which was on its way to the ZM National Touch Championship in Palmerston North, had thirteen passports, wallets, iPods, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, boots and uniforms stolen in south Auckland on Friday night (February 24), while the team was having dinner at local restaurant.

When the team returned to their van and trailer, they discoverted the windows of the van had been smashed and the lock on the trailer severed.

COMMENT: What the team may not have known is that street crime is as much a problem in New Zealand as it is anywhere, if you do a search on my postings under "New Zealand."

Given the value of personal and team possessions plus their hard-to-replace team equipment, the team leadership should have retained the services of a reputable security company to ensure their precious cargo was safeguarded during transit to and from the games.

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