Friday, February 24, 2012

Mexico: 22 Carnival Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint in Puerto Vallarta

Some 22 cruise passengers on the Carnival Splendor, were robbed at gunpoint on Thursday (February 23) while participating in a ship-sponsored tour in Puerto Vallarta.

The mass robbery occurred when the passengers were returning by bus to their ship at roughly 1700 hours, after spending time in El Nogalito,
a tourist attraction which involves a hike in an area know to offer a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna.

Masked gunmen stopped the bus and robbed the passengers of their money, watches, cameras and other valuables.
A statement from Carnival said there were no injuries during the robbery and all passengers returned safely to the ship. As this posting is filed, no arrests have as yet been made.

COMMENT: As a positive gesture, Carnival is endeavoring to reimburse those passengers who were on the tour to be reimbursed for their stolen valuables and to help them to get replacements for their travel documents that were also stolen.

Needless to say, the cruise-line-sponsored tour to El Nogalito has been suspended. Unfortunately,
the criminal victimization of cruise passengers has caused several cruise-lines servicing Mexico to cancel certain ports-of-call, including Mazatlan.

As an example of the impact, in 2010 there were over 200 scheduled calls at Mexican ports and only a dozen or so thus far in 2012.

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