Friday, February 17, 2012

Morocco: Swedish Tourist Dies Near Marrakesh, Motive Suspicious

Christer Olsson, 48, a Swedish tourist, who has visited Morocco many times in the past, and who recently arrived there on a five-week trip, was found this week in a gully outside of Marrakesh in a pool of blood. Although he was still alive when discovered, he died shortly thereafter in a local hospital, with few facts for his family to go on.

COMMENT: Although police reported Mr. Olsson's death as accidental, his mobile phone, wallet and passport were gone when he was found. Police also have said that Olsson smelled of alcohol, yet his family has told the media in Sweden that he has not used in alcohol in over 15 years.

Olsson's family have been told by Moroccan authorities that they will conduct no autopsy, as the victim was found alive and that their investigation may take upwards of "six months." That is an explanation that seemingly has zero value.

Normally, a diplomatic mission can request an autopsy on behalf of a decedent citizen who dies in a foreign country, but in the case the Moroccan response is puzzling.

Having investigated countless suspicious deaths over the years, the only options available for the family is to get Olsson's body back to Sweden as soon as possible so that an autopsy can be conducted there to determine the cause of death.

This posting will be updated as new information becomes available.

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