Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Zealand: Canadian Family Involved in Fatal Accident, Wife Dies

A Canadian couple, accompanied by their adult daughter, were on a month-long tour of New Zealand in a camper-van, were involved in a fatal accident with a tractor-trailer on (February 22) when the husband, age 62, turned in front of the truck, killing his wife, 60. His daughter and the truck driver had superficial injuries.

The husband/father appeared before a judge in the Hamilton District Court earlier today (February 27) where he pleaded guilty on a charge of careless driving and lost his driving privileges for six months.

COMMENT: As I have said previously, it is never a good idea to drive in a foreign country, particularly when your home country is right-hand drive while the country you are visiting is left-hand drive (as in the case of New Zealand).

Additionally, it is indeed tragic that this Canadian family will be haunted by the events of their trip to New Zealand for the rest of their days, which claimed the life of their wife and mother.

Sadly, camper-vans are not particularly maneuverable under the best of circumstances; it is possible that the driver could not react quickly given his unfamiliarity with left-hand drive traffic patterns.

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